What instruments do you use to find liquid in a cylinder?

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If you need to perform measurements of volume of a liquid, you may use graduated cylinders. These cylinders come in different sizes, varying from 10mL to 5L. You also may use beakers to measure the volume of the liquid, but since they have graduation every 10 mL, 50 mL or 100 mL, is more appropriate to use a graduated cylinder, since it has graduation every 5 mL, and the measurements are more accurate.

The measurements done with a graduated cylinder could be difficult because of the meniscus, which is the curvature of water surface. This curvature occurs because of the fact that only the sides of water adhere to the cylinder walls, the middle of water remaining unchanged.

Hence, since the level of water is not aligned, the measurements should be performed at the lowest point of curvature of water surface.

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