What instructions did Zeus give to Prometheus about making man?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There did not seem to be any exact instructions that Zeus gave to Prometheus in the creation of men.  It seems that he gave Prometheus a sense of control in the design of humanity.  Prometheus for his part showed a great deal of love towards men, presumably because the rest of his Titan family were condemned to Tartarus for their opposition to Zeus.

The one instruction that Zeus did give to all of men was in the record of sacrifice and in honoring the gods.  when Zeus decreed that man must present a portion of each animal they scarified to the gods Prometheus decided to trick Zeus. He created two piles, one with the bones wrapped in juicy fat, the other with the good meat hidden in the hide. He then bade Zeus to pick. Zeus picked the bones. Since he had given his word Zeus had to accept that as his share for future sacrifices. In his anger over the trick he took fire away from man. However, Prometheus lit a torch from the sun and brought it back again to man. Zeus was enraged that man again had fire and punished Prometheus until Hercules rescued him.

Essentially the primary instruction given was to make man subservient to the gods.  Prometheus did not heed this as he created a vision of humanity that possessed consciousness, like the gods.

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