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 What instruction does Pontmercy leave Marius when he dies in Hugo's Les Miserables?

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In Victor Hugo's epic Les Miserables Colonel Pontmercy is struck with a brain fever.  But, on the first day, he has enough presence of mind to ask for his son to come.  Having received his message, neither the father-in-law, M.Gillenormand nor Mariius, the son, think to inquire about quick passage to Vernon.  Had they done so, Marius could have reached his father before he died.  However, he did not; the colonel lay dead on the floor with a tear yet alive in his eye as the colonel had exclaimed, "My son did not...

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Pontmercy, who is the estranged father of Marius, leaves his son a note asking him to help the innkeeper (Thenardier) who had saved his life at Waterloo.

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