What instances in the Bible do prophets or others argue with God? I'm aware of the obvious ones such as with Abraham and Moses, who debate with God and even get him to change his mind into killing people, but do you know of anywhere else in the Bible where this happens? For an essay. Thanks!

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Both Job and Jonah come to mind in thinking about how to answer this question full enough for you to develop an essay. Neither of them are the obvious prophet, but both blatantly argued with God. The book of Jonah in the old testament would recall the story of his denial to God. God wanted him to travel to Ninevah to tell the people about their sin. No one likes to be the bearer of bad news. The book of Job likewise tells the story of his argument with God. The Devil asked God if he could tempt God's servant Job. God conceded, and Job suffered dearly for the Lord. From about a third of the way into the book until the end, Job grows from whole-hearted understanding to argument to once again pure devotion. He is a model of struggle for all to emulate.

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