What inspired Shakespeare to write about the elopement between Jessica and Lorenzo or between a jew and a christian?

vikas1802 | Student

you know shakespeare was a wrigher of histry ,than i think he saw the conflict b/w jews ans chrstian and he was also a christian than may be he had this one his mind while he was wrighting .,so may be he had also to take revenge from jews thats why he show this kind of work in his play.

muddy-mettled | Student

In the scholarly notes we find that the author may have followed the plot of Marlowe's THE JEW OF MALTA regarding the question.  Many have suggested that the elopement is what prompts Shylock's anger to go where it does.  As ROMEO AND JULIET was written or revised at about the same time as MV, one might note correspondencies(Jessica speaks to Lorenzo from a window above).  Others, searching for sources regarding the sonnets, have noted that a Jewish family of musicians from Italy were employed by the Monarchy.  Some married in their new country and one of their offspring, Emelia Bassano, may have been acquainted with the author.  Scholars also note Shakespeare's interest in the work of French essayist Michel de Montaigne, who's mother was of Spanish Jewish origin.  The elopement also highlights the absence of Jessica's mother.

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