The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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What insights about the Puritans do you gain from reading The Crucible? What insights about the Puritans do you gain from reading the Crucible- insights you normally don't find in a History textbook?

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A few statements about Puritan society are revealed through Miller's play that might not be present in a History textbook.  One such idea is the inherent danger in any society that embraces only one notion of the good.  Miller examines the Salem Witchcraft Trials as a failure of society's responsibility to assert the right of fairness to the individual.  He is able to make this claim because of the Puritans highly dogmatic view of religion and its pervasive effect in all aspects of society.  In the Puritanical sense of the world, the ability to be pure and aligned with God's wishes is the singular notion of the good that governs this social...

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