What insight is gained into Aunt Alexandra’s character?

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englishteacher72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Aunt Alexandra is the aunt of Scout and Jem, and the sister of Atticus Finch.  She is the epitome of the Southern woman, and expects Scout to be the same.  She is appalled by the way in which Scout conducts herself, and is often arguing with Atticus, blaming him for Scout's unladylike behavior.  She is also very proud of her family's heritage, and becomes a main figure in Maycomb's society.  She wishes Jem and Scout would take a vested interest in their family's history, but they are uninterested.  She does represent the narrow-mindedness of the town, however, which can be seen in the way in which she treats the Finch's black housekeeper, Calpurnia.  After she learns the children have attended Calpurnia's church, she tells Scout that she is no longer allowed to go back there, and she tries to convince Atticus that since she is staying with them, the family no longer needs Calpurnia.  Even though she is intolerant, she does have a real love for her family.

qwerty9876512345 | Student

It seems Aunt Alexandria is always nit picking Atticus on his ways of parenting. But we learn that Aunt Alexandria worries for Atticus's health. We also see that she wants to change the law. She can't stand to see the blacks treated poorly and of less importance than the white people of Maycomb. It seems she has a breakdown and it is evident that she also wants justice for the black people of Maycomb.

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