What is the insight or effect of the allusion Hercules beetle to the greek mythology Hercules? Why do these two relate?  sites that can help:...

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Consider this:

According to Roman Mythology, Hercules was the illegitimate son of Zeus and Alcmene, the wisest and most beautiful of all mortal women. Hera was enraged at Zeus for his infidelity with Alcmene, and even more so because he placed the infant Hercules at Hera's breast as she slept and allowed Hercules to feed, which caused Hercules to be partially immortal, thus, allowing him to surpass all mortal men in strength, size and skill.

Pound for pound, Hercules beetles are the strongest animal in the world; some can lift as much as 850 times their own weight.

There you have it. Both the mythical character, Hercules and the Hercules beetle are the strongest in their class.

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