What are the inner conflicts of Nurse, Lord Capulet and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet?

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dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An inner or interal conflict is one in which a character must struggle against the feelings that he/she has within himself/herself.  One of the the internal conflicts that the Nurse struggles through has to do with where her allegiances lie.  She obviously works for the Capulet family but who should she be more loyal to?  Juliet or her parents?  She knows each and every move that Juliet is making up to the point where Romeo is banished, so this internal conflict requires the Nurse to decide whether or not she should keep Juliet's actions and feelings a secret or if she should expose Juliet to her parents.  Another internal conflict that the Nurse has to deal with is which direction she should steer Juliet in...should she allow her to marry or should she refuse to help her?

Lord Capulet's internal conflict occurs more toward the end of the play when he is arguing with Juliet about her marrying Paris.  Should he force his daughter to marry someone that she has no interest in but who will take care of her or should she allow her to make her own mistakes?

Finally, Juliet struggles through so many internal conflicts throughout the play...should she marry a man who her family hates but who she loves?  Should she lie and deceive her parents?  Should she run away with Romeo and allow her parents to believe that she is dead or should she live a life that she would be unhappy with?

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