What injury did Roy cause Dana in the book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen?

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In the book Hoot, Roy breaks Dana's nose.

Roy does not mean to break Dana's nose. Dana Matherson is a lot bigger than Roy, and he is the school bully. Roy is new to the area, and rides the same bus as Dana to school. Dana's habit is to torment the other students, especially those who have not yet established themselves in the social hierarchy of middle school dynamics, and at times, he is downright abusive. Roy ordinarily likes to mind his own business and read on the way to and from school, but Dana insists on harrassing him, and one day, "a Monday (Roy would never forget)," he grabs Roy's head from behind and presses his thumbs painfully into the smaller boy's temples, mashing his face against the window. While he is being held in this uncomfortable position, Roy catches a glimpse of a mysterious running boy outside the window, and his curiosity is piqued.

The second time Dana grabs Roy from behind on the school bus and mashes him to the window, Roy again sees the running boy, and, preoccupied and perhaps more curious than annoyed, he

"clenche(s) his right fist and (brings) it up blindly over his shoulder as hard as he could. The punch land(s) on something moist and rubbery."

Without really wanting to hurt Dana, Roy has broken the bully's nose. He had known "the rules against fighting on the bus, but he couldn't think of anything else to do" to get Dana to stop tormenting him. Also, he had been determined to see where the running boy had gone, and so had reached back to hit Dana to get him off his back so that he could keep an eye on where the boy was going (Chapter 2).

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