What is initial observation about war 1919?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There can be many initial observations about Pirandello's short story.  One such relevant musing could be on how advanced it is in terms of thematic development.  Pirandello is ahead of his time in asserting that there is an underlying nihilism and lack of meaning which forms the basis of human existence.  The notions of patriotic duty, ethical responsibility, and the upholding of tradition are all severely damaged with the short story and the discussion of how all of these compelling forces serve to manipulate individuals into a life of complete sadness.  At best, individuals who go to war under these guises must wrestle with the demons of their actions, the forcing of taking a human life and having to live with their actions.  At worst, individuals who go to war believing these notions die a painful death, leaving loved ones searching for answers that will never be found, absolution never to be received.

epollock | Student

This story, about the first World War, short as it is, is remarkable for its power, which comes about largely through the way in which Pirandello concentrates on the one element that is common to all the characters—namely, that they all have children that are, or have been, involved in the warfare that is an overwhelming concern in all their lives. It gives readers a glimpse into the lives of parents and families in which they deal with the tragic losses of sons, although no one has lost a daughter in this story, and the way they come to grieve for themselves and the family members they have lost.

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