What is the initial or first problem faced by the main character in the novel?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If we take the main character of this excellent story to be Mr. Utterson, we can argue that the first problem he is confronted with concerns the relationship of the curious figure that Richard Enfield tells him about and how he had a key to gain admission into the home of Dr. Jekyll. This of course presents a massive problem to Mr. Utterson, because he already knows that his friend has made out a will to leave all of his worldly possessions to a Mr. Hyde, which is of course the same man that Richard Enfield has described to him. 

The problem that Mr. Utterson therefore faces is this: how can such a despicable and evil creature such as Mr. Hyde be connected to his acquaintance, the intellectual and sophisticated Dr. Jekyll? Based on this initial problem he faces the additional issue of how to respond to his friend's will and whether he should try to interfere to warn his friend or to speak against the decision that he has made in terms of who he is leaving his money to. 

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