What is the initial conflict between Roy and Beatrice Leep? Explain how their interactions move the plot along.

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In Carl Hiaasen's novel Hoot, the initial conflict between Beatrice "The Bear" Leep and Roy Eberhardt is about Roy's interest in the running boy. Roy notices the barefoot boy in chapter one as Dana Matherson is smashing his face against the bus window. In chapter two, Roy pushes past Beatrice in order to chase the running boy. Beatrice confronts him later in chapter two in this exchange:

"Standing there, arms folded, was the tall blond girl with red-framed eyeglasses—the one he'd encountered on the bus. The girl looked extremely unhappy.

'You nearly knocked me down this morning,' she said.


'Why were you running?'

'No reason.' Roy tried to get past her, but this time she sidestepped in front of him."

She continues to press Roy for information, and...

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