What are the ingredients in Crayola washable products?

Expert Answers
kateanswers eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Crayola company makes art materials for children. Because of this, most of their products are not permanent, though some pigments  may be more likely to stain skin, clothing, or surfaces. To address this issue, the company offers a number of art supplies like markers, crayons, and paints which are formulated to be easier to wash off. 

Unfortunately, Crayola does not share the specific formulations of their products. However, they do share on their website's Frequently Asked Questions that the main ingredients in Crayola markers are water and dye. They also state in their FAQ that products manufactured by Crayola (but not necessarily all Crayola products) are free from potential allergens like peanuts, eggs, milk, whey, shellfish and D&C Red Dye #40. Crayons contain paraffin wax and pigments, but Crayola is far less specific about the ingredients of colored pencils. 

Perhaps if you are concerned about specific ingredients possibly being in the washable Crayola products, you could write a letter or email to the company asking whether the particular allergen is in any of their products.