What are the different forms of information technology that can aid an organization seeking to improve the effectiveness of organizational communication?

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The speed of organizational communication often decides the speed of decisions and impacts the business significantly. The incorporation of information technology can aid the business communication and speed it up. The following are some of the forms of IT that can be used for this purpose:

  • Email: emails are a ubiquitous form of communication these days. They allow effective and timely communication within an organization and have replaced letters, memos and other official communication.
  • Video-conferencing: enables business meetings virtually and removes the need for travel to a common location to attend a meeting. 
  • Instant messaging: applications such as sms and WhatsApp allow the instant delivery of small messages (too small to be sent through emails).
  • Document sharing: IT also enables shared working by using online tools. An example is google documents that can be accessed by any number of people (with appropriate access) and they all can work on these documents simultaneously, thus speeding up the work.
  • Decentralized computing: this is a less expensive and more effective form of organizational communication in which employees use a centralized information database, and this information is updated/modified in real time. Some organizations may also have websites where employees can log-in and work.

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