What information systems are used by Domino's Pizza, and how are they used?

Domino's Pizza utilizes a variety of information systems to increase efficiency and market their brand more effectively. Such tools include the Public Franchise Office System, which lets individual stores track consumer preferences, and the Pulse system, which gives managers an overview of their business's day-to-day operations.

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Information systems have become increasingly popular as companies across the globe strive to find advantages in competitive marketplaces. An information system is an integrated set of components that are used for processing, storing, and collecting data. They also provide companies with information and knowledge that they can use to manage their operations, interact with customers, and engage with suppliers.

Domino's Pizza is an international brand. One of the major information systems used by Domino's is the Pulse Franchise Office System. This enables individual stores to track consumer preferences and local trends. Stores can then use this information to target their customer base more accurately with special offers and recommendations.

In addition to this marketing function, the Pulse system is also used to track the efficiency of employees and the business as a whole. For example, Pulse gives managers and supervisors a quick daily overview that makes it easy for them to view their...

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