What information in general terms, as well as specific goals, should be included in a code of conduct manual for a hotel?

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In general terms, there should be a very strong focus on customer service in a code of conduct manual for hotel employees, from the front desk to the maid service, from maintenance to room service.  Good manners and a "The customer is always right" approach should be emphasized.  Also included should be appropriate attire, cleanliness, and personal grooming.  Some establishments have a policy on tattoos and body piercings as well.  Honesty cannot be stressed too much, since the reputation of a hotel rests upon the honestly of its employees.  Diversity is another "value" that should be addressed, since the diverse workforce is the norm now, and employees need to understand clearly that intolerance will not be tolerated.  More specific topics to be included in a code of conduct might include a prohibition against sexual harassment and a mechanism for reporting sexual harassment.  Security is another area of concern in a hotel setting, a topic that should be addressed to ensure that no employee behavior results in a breach of security.

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