What kind of information do Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss want in Charlie's reports?

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In the beginning, the doctors want whatever Charlie can manage to write down.  As his skills are very poor, the information they get is very limited.  Once they do the surgery, Charlie's reports begin to change.  As they want, he begins to chronicle the things he now understands such as the job at work.  He writes about people's reactions to him such as the "friends" he has at work.  Charlie also writes about what he is learning as his IQ expands and his understanding of the world changes.  The doctors would prefer a more scientific approach of how he changes with his IQ growth, but Charlie writes as much about people as he does about his scientific learning.  As his understanding of his world surpasses even the doctors' knowledge, Charlie writes even more scientifically so that even the doctors have trouble understanding him.  When Algernon dies and Charlie realizes that his new knowledge will disappear, he begins to say goodbye in his own way.  As the story ends, Charlie has returned to the way he was at the beginning of the story, a very hard working but not very intelligent man.

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