In Act III scene 2 of Julius Caesar, what does Antony tell the crowd about Caesar's will and how do they respond to this?

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In an excellent example of manipulative rhetoric, Antony witholds telling the crowd the details of Caesar's will until he has managed to effectively stir them up against the conspirators through showing them the mantle that Caesar wore and the various holes in it made by the conspirators. When, then, he reveals that Caesar left each man seventy five drachmas and the walks, arbours and orchards as common property to be enjoyed by the citizens of Rome for their diversion, Antony has proved beyond all doubt what a wonderful ruler Caesar was and built the base of his own grab for power in the vacuum that has been created by Caesar's death. Note the way that the crowd responds to this announcement:

We'll burn his body in the holy place,

And with the brands fire the traitor's houses.

Antony has managed to enflame the hearts of the crowd against the conspirators, and this will literally be expressed in their act of burning the property of the conspirators.

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