The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss

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What information about their family did Miss Kleinhoonte bring to the girls in The Upstairs Room?

The information about their family that Miss Kleinhoonte brings the girls in The Upstairs Room is that their mother has died and is buried in a Jewish cemetery near their home. She tells them that they should be glad their mother died when she did, because if she had been alive a week later, she would have been taken away by Nazis.

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Miss Kleinhoote, the frail old high school teacher, has cycled the forty miles from Winterswijk to the Oostervelds' farm. She brings with her some textbooks for the girls. This is very important, as Anne and Sini are obviously unable to attend school yet must still keep their minds active during their extended period of hiding.

She also brings with her some news concerning the girls' late mother. Miss...

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