what influences how the media informs the public about scientific issues?thanksssss

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Media plays a big role in terms of disseminating the information on science related activities. However it can be bound to certain limitations that can hinder the public of knowing it. There are new advancements that should be kept from public because it may give false alarm to people. Other news is just preliminaries and does not apply to all. Some countries limit their science news so as to prevent other countries in knowing their strategies. 

Media as well can stimulate the minds of consumer with the new product out in the market that has scientific advancements. Other news is well made to inform and to advertise. Interesting topics such as cure for AIDS, cancer research and technology advancements can literally attract people. 

However, media can be a bit exaggerating when reporting about scientific advancements. There should be a careful understanding of the fact before reporting it. Otherwise, the public will be misinformed thus creating a scenario of lies instead of truths. 

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