Glengarry Glen Ross Questions and Answers
by David Mamet

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What influenced David Mamet to write Glengarry Glen Ross? Also what are the main themes of this play?

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David Mamet was influenced to write Glengarry Glen Ross out of a serious interest in the kind of people who quietly go about their lives, performing “regular” jobs, and who endure indignities large and small on a daily basis, simply trying to earn a living.  That Mamet had himself worked as a real-estate salesman early in his career certainly contributed to his interest in portraying this particular profession in the gritty style for which the playwright is known.  Rather than speculate, though, one can simply read Mamet’s own comments regarding Glengarry Glen Ross, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize.  In a 1997 interview with Paris Review, Mamet described the inspiration for this play:

“That’s how Glengarry  got started. I was listening to conversations in the next booth and I thought, My God, there’s nothing more fascinating than the people in the next booth. You start in the middle of the conversation and wonder, What the hell are they talking about? And you listen...

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