What influence do magazines have on the fashion statements, choices, and buying decisions of people?

Expert Answers
marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fashion is important to most people as it represents to the world who and what they are, and most people go to great lengths to be in style.  Billions of dollars are spend each year by designers and clothing manufacturers in an effort to lure the public into spending.  Fashion marketers and advertisers make it a point to tell us how important it is to look good.  Television commercials, billboards, storefront signage, newspapers, and magazines all do their part for the fashion industry.   

Fashion magazines account for a large percentage of the magazines printed today.  On one website alone, there are 42 world fashion magazines listed.  All the latest styles, trends, and accessories are featured as well as who's who in the fashion world and where the next fashion shows are to be held. 

Take Vogue magazine for instance. The cover page on the current issue shows Olivia Wilde sporting a fashion bag, the proceeds of which will benefit a school in Haiti. People will rush to buy the bag because Olivia Wilde endorses it and because it will benefit charity. Most people don't stop to consider how much it costs or whether they actually need it; they have to have it because it's considered a chic accessory and they feel noble for having contributed to charity.

Because magazines are popular and easily accessible, anybody can read them virtually anywhere.  They can be found on newstands and in grocery checkout lines; they can be seen in bus stations, train stations, airports, and taxicabs; they are scattered around in virtually every doctor's waiting room; they can be read in beauty parlors while sitting under the hair dryer.  The sheer number of available locations to place magazines speaks volumes for the number of people who can be exposed to and influenced by the current fashion trends.   

What started as a full-page glossy picture or article in a magazine now resembles a giant snowball barreling down a hill, gathering followers from every walk of life.  They saw it; they had to have it; they bought it.