In Things Fall Apart, what influence did Mr. Brown have on the Igbo community, especially Okonkwo in chapter 21?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Okonkwo hates the white man. However, some Igbos are happy because even though the white man has brought a lunatic religion, he has also brought a trading store. The economy is booming due to the trade in palm oil.

Okonkwo has returned from exile and the white missionaries have changed his traditional culture. Although Mr. Brown is gentle and truly loving, he has made changes to the Igbo culture that cause Okonkwo to want to fight the white man. 

Mr. Brown has built a school and a hospital. He also has a trading store. Business is booming. Some of the Igbo like the fact of a booming economy. 

Mr. Brown is the first white missionary to come to the Igbo clan. Mr. Brown gains the respect of the Igbo because he is a patient man who does not force his religion on others. Mr. Brown is of a calm nature. He is really trying to help bring hope to the Igbo. 

The Igbo clan gives Mr. Brown an elephant tusk. This is a sign of their respect for Mr. Brown. 

Okonkwo hates everything the white man stand for. Okonkwo desires to fight the white missionaries. Okonkwo tries to rally his clan against the white missionaries. When the clan refuses to go to war with Okonkwo, Okonkwo feels helpless. He gives up on his clan and hangs himself. 

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