Sarah, Plain and Tall

by Patricia MacLachlan

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What inferences can be made about Sarah in Caleb’s story?

Expert Answers

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Many inferences can be made about Sarah in the lovely story Sarah, Plain and Tall. Through reading the story, one can tell that Sarah is indeed a loving, kind, generous, determined, and independent woman. Sarah, from the time that she writes letters to Papa and the children, is kind and playful. She is also immediately upfront that she is not "mild-mannered," which is a delightful remark and implies that she will not tolerate being put in a subservient position. When Sarah insists on doing manual construction labor and learning to ride horses and drive carriages, she absolutely lives up to this assertion about herself. While Sarah is certainly independent and strong, she is also deeply kind and gentle. While she misses her home by the sea, one can infer that she is truly adaptable and flexible, as she easily makes a home for herself on the plains.

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