Life in the Roaring Twenties

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What are the generalizations that tie the events of the 1920s (such as those below) together?  Such as,The Red Scare,Women’s suffrage African-American migrations to the North Immigration restrictions, KKK Harlem Renaissance

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The “generalization” that can tie these events (and others) together is that there were major changes going on in American society and these changes provoked a backlash among people who did not like them.

The 1920s were a time of great cultural change.  The previous few decades had brought floods of immigrants and America was changing culturally because of it.  The immigrants and others had brought radical politics and there were places where socialist candidates won elections.  Particularly in the cities, there were new ways of life.  New technologies had made life easier and had given people more ways (such as movies and cars) to have fun.  Women (the “flappers”) were acting in ways that were new and, to many, scandalous.  African Americans had moved north and were pushing for more of a place in society.

All of these things provoked a backlash by tradition-minded people.  The KKK arose to oppose immigration and immigration restriction laws were passed.  Religious fundamentalism became important, as seen in the Scopes Trial.  There were serious worries about radical politics, as seen in the Red Scare. 

Thus, there are two “generalizations” we can make about the ‘20s.  First, there were many ways in which society was changing.  Second, there were many Americans who resisted those changes strongly.

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