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In what industries might collusion be a common practice?

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Any industry in which a company can stand to make more money through limiting competition or misleading others can find organizations in it that may be tempted to participate in collusion.

Perhaps the best way to determine which industries might continuously struggle with collusion is to look back on the organizations that have struggled with it in the past.

One such industry would be the sports entertainment industry. Both Major League Baseball as well as the National Basketball Association have dealt with accusations of collusion in its ranks in recent years. MLB owners attempted to restrict players' salaries through collusion and allegations exist that NBA free agents shared potential contract information to help a team avoid the salary cap.

Another example of an industry where collusion might occur would be found when there are multiple rules and regulations that are difficult for the average consumer to understand. For example, the various taxes and service fees associated with owning a mobile phone lends itself to the potential for collusion because organizations don't need to advertise all of the service fees and various taxes. 

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