What industries have the biggest environmental impact for using sustainable practices?

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The industries that will have the greatest impact if they use sustainable practices are those industries that use the most resources.  It stands to reason that an industry that consumes a large amount of resources would have a great impact if it were to use those resources in a sustainable way.  Let us look at two industries that would have a great impact.

First, there is the electric power industry.  People use a tremendous amount of electric power.  This is becoming even more true as we use more and more devices in our everyday lives.  The amount of power being used is also growing due to the increasing economic power of countries like China whose people used to be poor.  If electric companies were to move from coal to cleaner kinds of energy, the impact would be very important.

Second, there is the automobile industry.  As with electric power, people are coming to use cars more and more in the parts of the world that used to be poor.  In the rich world, cars are still a major source of pollution as well.  If cars were to be more energy-efficient, the impact on the environment would be significant.

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