The Book of the Courtier by Baldassare Castiglione

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What are the individual qualities given to the main characters in The Book of the Courtier? Individual qualities of characters

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The courtiers of the Renaissance period were expected to possess very specific characteristics. These characteristics were true to the ones exemplified by those who were chivalrous and courtly in both nature and behavior.

Baldassare Castigilione's The Book of the Courtier describes many different characteristics of the courtiers in the courts of the Duke of Urbino (when Castigilione was a part of the duke's court in 1507).

According to the book, one of the common characteristics of the courtier was the possession of an excellent voice. What this means is that the courtier's language was elevated (above that of the commoner), elegant, with beautiful tone and brave words.

Another characteristic of the courtier was a mastery of the arts. The courtier needed to know about all aspects of the classical, or fine, arts.

Over the course of the text, other attributes are named. A courtier must be both athletic and brave. They must also noble qualities, knowledge of love, and be humorous.

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