What are some quotes of indirect characterization that show how/what Atticus thinks?Please give the chapter or page number if possible.  Thank you so much!

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It could be argued that Atticus is an independent thinker and opinionated, but neither pushy nor outspoken.  He is intelligent, insighful, and above everything, he's respectful.  Even when people and circumstances go against him, he treats everyone and everything involved with respect.

There are several examples that show this in the book.  He is the same man as a father (Jem and Scout) as he is to friends and family (Aunt Alexandra, Uncle Jack, or Miss Maudie) as he is to neighbors he is not particularly familiar with (Mrs. Dubose or Boo Radley).

I encourage you to re-read through some key conversations he has with both his children and adults in the story (indirect characterization through dialogue).  Notice how his language, demeanor, and core values remain constant:

  1. Atticus and Scout lesson on porch (chapter 3, pg. 30)
  2. Conversation with Uncle Jack (chapter 9, pg. 87)
  3. Atticus and Mrs. Dubose (chapter 11, p. 100)
  4. Atticus and Boo Radley (chapter 30, p. 271)

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