What indication is there that Tom and Daisy are closely linked despite their marital difficulties?

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One of the first items that has to be addressed in this question is that Tom and Daisy might not readily concede that there are marital problems.  If they were to accept marital problems between them, it would suggest a level of honesty and, frankly, respect that both seem to lack.  One of Fitzgerald's foundations of the characterizations he offers is that there is an overwhelming condition where there is a lack of honesty between people.  The glitter and glamour of wealth and privilege have supplanted individual dignity and true communication amongst people.  Daisy and Tom and represent this in their interactions between one another.

Tom and Daisy can be seen as closely linked to one another because both represent a retreat into this world of wealth and privilege.  Both can take sanctuary in one another as almost a refuge from the outside world because they believe that money is what makes life beautiful.  When Daisy is described as one who lives amongst the “well-forgotten dreams from age to age," it is reflective of how much she covets wealth.  Tom is much the same way.  Both of them retreat into one another, sitting across from one another eating cold chicken and drinking beers when the weight of the world has become too much.  Neither one of them are able to accept anything remotely close to responsibility in the lives they destroy.  She destroys Gatsby.  He destroys the Wilsons.  In the end, they find a home in the glare and gaze of another because it serves as a vehicle to escape responsibility.  It is in this where they are both closely linked despite the fact that there might not be anything close to love between them.