what inconveniences has orlando suffered on account of being the son of sir Rowland?  

akakios | Student

[In Act 1,Scene 2]
When Orlando overthrows Charles,the Duke's wrestler,the Duke expresses his displeasure on discovering that Orlando was the son of Sir Rowland de Boys.Sir Rowland although being a respectable man,had been an enemy to Duke Frederick.Thus the duke is ill-pleased to know that the son of his enemy as defeated his wrestler and wishes that he had been son to another man.This makes Orlando susceptible to Duke Frederick's criticism.
Later when Rosalind and Celia run away from the Duke's court,it coincides with Orlando leaving the Duke's premises.Hence,the Duke suspects Orlando of being the culprit behind their escape and thinks that he had facilitated them.The Duke had already been displeased with Orlando and when he finds a reason to punish him,he is eager to do so.

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