What incidents from Chapter 15 give Daniel a feeling of happiness, quietness, and hope?

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In Chapter 15, Daniel begins traveling to Capernaum to listen to Jesus speak. Sometimes Daniel does not even understand what Jesus is talking about, but Daniel mentions that there is hope and promise in Jesus' words. Whenever Daniel would return from listening to Jesus preach, he would share Jesus' message with his sister, Leah. Leah and Daniel grow closer as they discuss what Jesus teaches, and Daniel tells his sister Jesus' message about the good Samaritan. Daniel admits that he loves to travel to listen to Jesus in the morning because "in the clear bright sunlight, nothing seemed impossible" (Speare 163). Jesus' powerful words make Daniel believe that the kingdom of heaven is truly near. Leah continually begs her brother to recite the story of the little girl that Jesus healed. Although Daniel finds his sister's fascination with the story a bit annoying, he tells it because it makes her smile. Leah tells her brother that she would go see Jesus if he came to their village, and Daniel begins to notice how Leah is changing for the better. Daniel also mentions that he is beginning to find satisfaction in his work and is developing confidence in his skill. Jesus' ministry has a profound effect on Daniel's life. Daniel feels a sense of hope and confidence after listening to Jesus' messages. His relationship with his sister is growing, and Daniel is beginning to take pleasure in his craft. These incidents give Daniel a sense of happiness, quietness, and hope.

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