What incident in Granny Weatherall's life troubles her deeply?

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Granny Weatherall has been through a lot. Twenty years earlier, when she was sixty years-old, "she had felt very old, finished, and went around making farewell trips to see her children and grandchildren! Then she made her will and came down with a long fever." But she didn't die, and she's been right as rain since then, and so she decides not to worry about death now because she already "spent so much time preparing for death" then. Her husband, John, had died fairly young and left her to raise the children and take care of the farm by herself. "Sometimes she wanted to see John again and point to them and say, Well, I didn't do so badly did I?" She did a great deal of hard work, fencing a hundred acres and digging post holes herself. She survived. She also sat "up nights with sick horses and sick Negroes and sick children and hardly ever [lost] one." She's proud of her successes and strength. The one thing she has trouble moving past is her memory of being left at the altar.

That was...

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