What incentives does OSHA provide the employer for promoting workplace safety?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the incentives that OSHA provides to employers who adhere to occupational safety standards is to minimize intrusion.  This could turn out to be a major incentive.  OSHA features much in way of training, external monitoring, fines, as well as intervention into business endeavors that are found not adhering to the standards of labor safety.  This could be an incentive in its own right.  The incentive for compliance is having to avoid external control and micromanagement.

Along these lines, OSHA has specific incentives for organizations that are compliant.  For organizations that have demonstrated a clear track record of compliance and embodying standards that represent occupational safety, eligibility for specific benefits under the Voluntary Protection Program  (VPP) can result.  This can translate into an organization in becoming a model for other organizations, an incentive that can generate much in way of positive publicity and recognition.  At the same time, businesses that are involved with the VPP can find themselves enjoying more flexibility for their own occupational safety review.  OSHA incentivizes this with exemption from regular inspection and developing a more flexible timetable for inspection.  This can translate into a compelling incentive for adhering to occupational safety standards.

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