What impressions do we get about Crythin Gifford from chapter 4 of The Woman in Black?

Arthur Kipps experiences the full extent of the residents' discomfort with the Drablow estate for the first time in chapter 4 of The Woman in Black when nobody from Crythin Gifford will speak with him about it.

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In chapter 4, Arthur has just arrived in Crythin Gifford and is assessing the town for the first time.

Initially, his impression of Crythin Gifford is favorable. The people seem friendly and hardworking, the town quaint, and the remote environment open and refreshing. After his unsettling journey north in the previous chapter, he finally begins to feel comfortable again after settling in for his stay at the Gifford Arms, the local hotel.

Before long, he befriends the landlord and learns that much of the town's land is to be...

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