In Lord of the Flies, what impression do you have of the differences between the world of the island and our world?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We don't know much about the time period of Lord of the Flies, only that it takes place in the future (the book was published in 1954) and Europe--and possibly the entire world--faces the threat of nuclear war. The plane load of boys are being evacuated from England to the safety of Australia when the aircraft crashes, killing all of the adults on board. Ideally, the island (probably somewhere in the Pacific) would be a safe refuge for the boys, far away from the destructive chaos that they are trying to escape. The island should offer the boys everything they need: fish and crustaceans from the sea, wild pigs roaming about, and a beautiful beach for relaxation. It seems like a perfect setting for a modern tale of island castaways. But order breaks down quickly with no parental supervision at hand, and the boys resort to the destructive and combative nature that the adults of the outside world practice. Utopia it is not.

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