Examine the significance of Miss Emily in chapter 6.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In some respects, Miss Emily's geography instruction in chapter 6 is highly significant to the plight of the students at Hailsham.  The idea of a "lost corner" is highly relevant.  Miss Emily's explanation of Norfolk as "the lost corner" of England is a realm that lies beyond the reach of others.  In a symbolic sense, I think that this can be seen as the hopes and aspirations of the students at Hailsham.  The idea of a place beyond what is and one that is a "peaceful corner" is compelling, especially knowing that the students are all going to be experiencing life that is far from peaceful.  At the same time, given the students' conditions that serve as one to supply that which the humans need, the idea of a realm that is far off from such designs gains significance because of its poignancy.  Miss Emily's instruction features a pause in it, something reflective as if she is struggling to identify what comes next in the lesson.  It could be seen that this pause is a reflection of how she wrestles with the fact that she knows what will happen to the students she teaches.  It is a moment where her own powerlessness is evident for she cannot change the future they will face, though she is of the belief that the humans should see the clones as something more than they are viewed.  It is in this moment in this chapter where Ishiguro fills out the full implications of both the lives of the clones and those who care for them with the pain intrinsic to being in both.

itty786 | Student

Miss Emily is the headmistress of Hailsham. Kathy thinks that Miss Emily can be very sharp at times. The children at Hailsham thought that Miss Emily knew where everyone was hiding. In chapter six Miss Emily taught Kathy and her class about the different counties of England. The way she teaches the children is very basic and she would only show pictures of the counties and where they are located in England. Miss Emily would only show the good side of the counties and pictures of lovely scenery. We know this because Kathy describes the pictures as there would be “little villages with streams going through them, white monuments on hillsides, old churches beside fields” I think she shows them this so they have a good impression of the outer world when they are in Hailsham. We know this because Kathy says that “I suppose she wanted us to have a grasp of what was out there surrounding us “.

There was one county that Kathy had noticed was Norfolk. Miss Emily described Norfolk as a lost corner. Miss Emily described Norfolk as a lost corner because of its location “You see because it’s stuck out here on the east on the hump jutting into the sea. It’s not on the way to anywhere…For that reason it’s a peaceful corner of England, rather nice but some thing of a lost corner” Miss Emily described it as a lost corner because of the location Norfolk is in. Most of Norfolk is covered by the sea and is on the side of England is much unnoticed and most people drive past it. This is why Miss Emily describes it as a lost corner in my opinion. Miss Emily hasn’t showed the children a picture of Norfolk.


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