What important changes did Paul make to Christianity? I need at least 3 important changes, please. So I can put it in essay form.

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The most important change that Paul made was to carry Christianity to the Gentiles, that is the non-Jewish population. All early Christians, including Paul, had been Jewish; and the common belief was the Christianity was a new, reformed form of Judaism. Paul carried the new religion to non-Jews and found many converts among them.

Secondly, Paul transformed Christianity into a missionary religion. It previously was a closed religion which allowed some new members, but did not reach out to others. Paul was among the first to carry the religion to distant areas, in...

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paul the apostle was the most successful of all the apostles of Jesus christ. First, paul made it possible for the gospel to spread to other parts of the world as commanded by Jesus, through his missionary journeys.

Second, paul broke the partition wall between the Jews and Gentiles by forbearing  the message that Jesus died for all people whether jew, greek, roman or others.

third, paul was a learned man and so his literacy potential was manifested in his various "EPISTLES" or letters to churches of various communities and backgrounds in his days.

finally, apostle Paul was instrumental to disciplining of many younger christian converts like ' TIMOTHY, TITUS, PHILEMON, JUDE, etc, who took over the work from him commitedly and steadfastly, making it possible for the world to have the gospel of Jesus Christ today.