The Stranger Questions and Answers
by Albert Camus

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What is the importance/symbolism of the sun and the heat in The Stranger?

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When evaluating the significance of the sun in Camus' The Stranger, we might focus on the connection between the day of the funeral (when Mersault's mother is buried) and the day that Mersault commits the murder. 

On each of these days the sun is mentioned as being very hot, oppressive, and even painful. 

We might conjecture that when Mersault encounters the extreme heat/sun on the beach he is (consciously or unconsciously) reminded of his mother's death and burial. The latter sections of the novel offer ample suggestion that Mersault is affected by his experiences (like his mother's death and his affection for Marie) even though he denies that these experiences are influencing him.

The espoused emotional and intellectual neutrality of Mersault's narration of his own psyche is brought into question by contrasting examples of deeply felt emotion and keenly observed, very human turmoil.

The second part of the novel deals with Mersault's denial of an inner life and the ramifications of...

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