In what important ways would the story "Everyday Use" be different if Dee were the narrator telling it from the first-person point of view?

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Since Walker tells the story from the first person point of view of the mother, you might consider writing your essay in the first person pov of Dee, using her language. Consider the passage in which the mother describes her strengths, how she can slaughter hogs, for example, and that her hands are those of a man.  How would Dee describe herself?  Would she be concerned about a manicure rather than having strong hands?  Or would she consider what a more trendy idea of hands might be as an African-American woman (as she understands that heritage, given her new name)?  What do you think she says to her boyfriend on their trip to her mother’s house?  Did she explain to him the fire that deformed her sister for life?  What does she say to him as they drive away after that difficult conversation with her mother?  According to her mother, Dee learns little after their meeting, but...

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