What important thematic line is repeated in Chapter 16 of The Chrysalids? 

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One line that is repeated several times in chapter 16 is “damn you.”  It is thematically important because Sophie is frustrated with her position on the Fringes, and jealous of Rosalind.

When David sees Sophie again, he barely recognizes her.  She has lost her innocence and become a shell of her former self.  In Rosalind Sophie sees everything she is not.  Rosalind is young, beautiful, and can have children.  Sophie has been hardened by her time on the Fringes and sterilized because she had six toes.

Damn you!' she said again. 'Go on, laugh at me, God damn your lovely face. Laugh at me because I do want him, me !' ... 'And what's the use? …If he weren't in love with you, what good would I be to him -- like this?' (ch 16)

Sophie’s condemnation of Rosalind in religious invective demonstrates how she was targeting and victimized by religion.  Her frustration and distance from her old culture is evident.  She sees in Rosalind what she cannot have.  She also feels ashamed that she wants David’s uncle, when Rosalind is repulsed by him.