What are the important terms associated with Albert Bandura—Social-cognitive theory?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one can find Bandura stressing several vital terms into his understanding of how people understand themselves and their larger element.  The idea of "cognition" is an important term in this configuration.  Bandura seems to be suggesting that individual "cognition" is a setting that is defined by the individual understanding the external collective setting and then internally appropriating such modeling.  It is not as much that the individual is a passive vehicle of the outside world.  The element of "cognition" becomes a vital term because the collective entity models to the individual what behavior is to be appropriated.  Bandura suggests that this is where the cognition is present because the individual learns what is modeled and thus cognitively appropriates this into its own configuration.  The terms of "social" is also important in Bandura's theory.  How actions are socially understood is reflective and instrumental into the process of cognition.  What defines validation and acceptance of said behaviors is in a social context.  It is for this reason that the term of "social" represents much in way of importance in Bandura's theory.

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