What important role does Reynaldo play in Act 2, Scene 1 of Shakespeare's Hamlet?

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The scene in which we see Polonius's servant, Reynaldo, play alongside Polonius is certainly a very surprising scene. It is especially surprising because we never see Reynaldo again. However, the scene plays an important function. In a sense, Reynaldo is acting as dramatic foil to Polonius. A dramatic foils is a character that is used to portray the opposite character traits of another character. Therefore, Reynaldo serves as Polonius's dramatic foil, thereby revealing Polonius's darker, deceptive nature.

It is Polonius's idea to use Reynaldo as a spy to investigate his son's character and behavior in Paris. However, in this scene, Polonius actually reveals far more about his own character than about Laertes '. Polonius tells Reynaldo to first seek out any Danes...

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