What are important quotes related to identity and love from the book Goodbye, Columbus?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There will be little guide as to what constitutes "importance" in terms of quotes.  I think that whatever is selected might be possess importance because of the analysis attached to it.  I would focus on the ending when Neil emerges from the shards of the broken relationship on the Jewish New Year.  Reading the text from here, ask how this can be representative of love and identity.  The notion of class dynamics and their impact on Neil is powerful.  For example, his perceptions at Ron's wedding, in terms of being able to see past class and envision himself as a member of the upper crest family might be another area where quotations about identity is evident.  The fleeting and transitory vision of love might be another theme where quotes can be taken regarding how Neil feels about the relationship and his impressions of love and identity.

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