What important roles do Banquo have in the play Macbeth?

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Banquo is Macbeth's foil throughout the play and represents everything that Macbeth is not. Banquo is depicted as a loyal, courageous individual, who risks his life for his country toward the beginning of the play. Upon hearing the witches' prophecy in act 1, scene 3, Banquo learns that he will be "Lesser than Macbeth and greater" (Shakespeare, 1.3.66). Banquo also discovers that he will be "much happier" than Macbeth and learns that his descendants will inherit the throne of Scotland.

However, Banquo does not blindly trust the witches' prophecies and questions their intentions. Banquo's discerning demeanor, integrity, and loyalty contrast greatly with Macbeth's selfish, ambitious, and naive personality. Essentially, Banquo's character emphasizes Macbeth's negative qualities and highlights his bloodthirsty, guilt-ridden disposition.

After Macbeth orders Banquo's assassination, Banquo's ghost appears during a feast, which surprises and antagonizes Macbeth. The presence of Banquo's ghost...

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