What are important points of narration?

epollock | Student

The most notable aspect of the point of view of “The Other Two” is the narrator’s scrupulous establishment of observations and conclusions as Waythorn experiences them. Waythorn is newly married to Alice, and has learned about “the other two” through her. When he meets the others, therefore, he comes with negative presuppositions. But his own experience enables him to formulate his own opinions. Although he feels that he and Haskett live in different worlds, he nevertheless develops strong faith in Haskett’s inoffensiveness, honesty, and integrity, and great respect for the sacrifices that Haskett has been making for his daughter (paragraphs 125, 147). He feels a social kinship with Varick, finds Varick an obliging business associate, and notes that there is “something pleasant about his smile” (paragraph 90).