What are important points and examples to mention when attempting to write an essay on the transition of Nora from a doll to an individual?

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For me after reading the book "A Doll's House" one of the most significant things that I found demeaning was the manner in which Nora's husband always would act like he loved her and say sweet nice words to her, but would put her down by comparing her to her father's spending and downfall.  Nora was expected to sit back and take it and just smile sweetly.

When Nora tries to find some time for herself and she shuts herself away before Christmas to make ornaments, her husband is agitated because he was bored while she was busy.  Again he puts down her efforts.

Nora is very childlike in the beginning of the play.  She is also self-centered and when Mrs. Linde visits Nora can not even relate to the woman having to work to survive.

Nora reveals that she was actually the one who had to raise money to help move her husband and family to Italy so that he could get better.  She had never told her husband but had been working here and there to pay the money back.  This was her reason for hiding away pretending to make ornaments at Christmas time.

Nora has slowly been becoming more independent from her husband. One bit of evidence of Nora's defiance of her husband's control is that she hides and eats macaroons which her husband forbids her to eat because he thinks they are bad for her teeth.

Nora transitions the most because she will not use Dr. Rank's feelings for her to gain money, and she realizes that upon the revelation of the situation of her borrowing the money and then it being resolved that her husband does not really love her.  She has to take a chance on a life away from him and the children.

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