what is the important points of business communication?

siddy87 | Student

Communication is the process of conveying the information and meaning. We spend 75 percent of our time communicating to people. It is of integral importance in business. It can be of two types: Oral communication and Written communication. The former includes face to face, meeting, presentation and telephone whereas the latter includes memo, letter, report, bulletin board, poster and newsletter.

Before begining any business communication, plan your message. Decide each of the following point so that the final message that is transmitted is cohorent.

* What is the goal of the message?

*Who should recieve the message?

*How will you send the message?

*When and where will the message be transmitted?

In the oral communication there is a sender, a reciever and generally feedback about the message transmitted. Follow the following points:

*Develop rapport.

*State your communication objective

*Transmit your message

*Check the recievers understanding

*Get a commitment an followup

In written communication, be organized, set objectives, do not write to impress, edit and rewrite where necessary.

As a reciever of the message during business communication, it is important to listen, analyze and check the understanding.

The key to business success is clear and open communication of expectations.