What are the important plot points in Rumble Fish by S. E. Hinton?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Susan E. Hinton's teen novel, Rumble Fish, deals with the gang violence that rules the life of young Rusty-James and, previously, his older brother, the Motorcycle Boy. The former leader of a Tulsa, Oklahoma gang, the Motorcycle Boy issues an edict that the violence must stop before he escapes the city by heading to California. However, Rusty-James--now the leader of a gang himself--has decided that fighting is a necessary evil between rival gangs. Once again coming to his brother's rescue, the Motorcycle Boy's sudden return to Tulsa comes just in time to save Rusty-James from severe injuries. The boys come from a broken home, their father is an alcoholic, and their mother has herself escaped to California. Rusty-James reveres his brother, but the Motorcyle Boy wants no part of his brother's adulation. Things go bad for both boys in the end: The Motorcycle Boy is killed by a policeman's bullet, and Rusty-James heads to a reformatory. The story ends with the now-free Rusty-James living in California, attempting to forget his past life.

sparks246 | Student

it's a sad book.